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[DIFF] 16:39 Info msapiro [1-2] #01 delink PyCon
#02 Schedule update
[DIFF] 16:19 Info Copied GSoC 2022 into GSoC 2023. No changes except 2022->2023 and remove last year's List Configuration project.
[DIFF] 16:13 Info [1-3] #03 Link GSoC 2023 to GSoC 2022 ideas page.
[DIFF] 08:28 Info DanilSmirnov
[DIFF] 22:42 Info Mark [1-2]
[DIFF] 22:10 Info msapiro
[DIFF] 06:00 Info msapiro
[DIFF] 14:21 Info [1-2] #02 Use "Level: moderate" consistently (vs. "Level intermediate"). Move template to end.
[DIFF] 02:11 Info [1-4] #01 Point PEP link to PEP-0001 and fix libera webchat link.
#02 Check most of the links.
#04 Minor updates to be consistent with 2022.


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