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Jim Popovitch
|| !DomainMail, LLC
|| Web: [[http://domainmail.org|http://domainmail.org]]<<BR>>
Email: [[mailto:jimpop@domainmail.org|jimpop@domainmail.org]]
|| Mailman Administration, including installation, upgrades, and support.

Mailman consulting services

I get people asking me all the time if I'm available to do custom Mailman installation, upgrades, maintenance and configuration. While this isn't something I'm able to do, it does indicate that there might be business out there for folks who do this kind of thing.

If you are willing to do Mailman consulting, please add your name and contact information to the list below. That way I can point people at this list when they ask (and add it to the FAQ). It's okay to list (briefly!) other types of consulting work you do, but you must specify the type of Mailman work you can do. Since that's the purpose of this page, we reserve the right to edit and reshuffle entries.

Also, if you are interested in hiring a consultant and you don't find a suitable contact here, you can try posting on the Python jobs board. If you post there, please make sure that you mention how many hours a week you expect this job to take, so people can know if this is a full time, part time, or once-in-a-blue-moon sort of opportunity.

This list is different than the list of Mailman hosting services. This latter is intended to list organizations that can provide mailing list services for people while this page is for people and organizations who will do direct specific contracting work for customers. It's okay to be on both lists!

Name Organization Contact info Type of work you can do
Brian Carpenter EMWD and dotList Web: https://www.mailmanhost.com
Email: brian_carpenter@emwd.com
Mailman 3 installations. Migrations from Mailman 2 to Mailman 3. Improve mail delivery for Mailman 3 lists. Mailman 3 server support and troubleshooting. Mailman 3 list hosting both shared and dedicated environments.
Jonathan Clarke Linagora Web: http://www.linagora.com
Email: vente@linagora.com
Mailman installations, full support services.
As with much other free software, Linagora offers a full support service including 24/7 coverage and guaranteed response and resolution times. See the OSSA website. We operate in Europe and the US.
Rae French
Aplonis Web: http://www.aplonis.com Mailman consulting services in installation, server migrations, list hosting, and support services. We've specialized in Mailman hosting on UNIX/Linux web servers and high quality support since 1993.
Danil Smirnov
New IT Web: https://mailman3.com
Email: danil@smirnov.la
General help for Russian-speaking users. Mailman lists configuration, use and installation advices.

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