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Welcome to the GNU Mailman wiki, the central place for communication between the Mailman community and the Mailman developers. You may browse these pages anonymously, but to add or edit content you must sign up and log in, and you must also request write permission for your user name by sending a note briefly explaining what you plan to do to the Mailman Steering Committee <mailman-cabal AT python DOT org>. (sorry it's the only way to control wiki spam).

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The various spaces below are your entry points to Mailman information. The Community space provides a place for Mailman users to interact and find more resources for help. The Development space contains information about the development of future Mailman versions. The Documentation space provides – um, documentation! This includes a FAQ and other helpful information. The Security space contains critical public security information and hot patches; it is not the place to report vulnerabilities (for that use the <mailman-security AT python DOT org> mailing list).

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