Mark Sapiro

Email: <mark AT SPAMFREE msapiro DOT net>

I am a mailman developer. I am the release manager and close to the sole maintainer of the Mailman 2.1 branch. I would prefer to be working on Mailman 3, but Mailman 2.1 is still what most people are using, and it still needs to be supported.

You can find Mailman 2.1 support via the <mailman-users AT SPAMFREE python DOT org> list. You need to subscribe before posting there.

I am occasionally off line for periods of up to two weeks at a time because I like to hike in the back country in the Sierra Nevada and elsewhere.


  • June 29 - July 6, 2019
    • Away with no online access.
    July 31 - Sept 9, 2019
    • Away with no online access except sporadically around August 12, 13, 26 and 27.


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