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The logo contest was completed in March of 2010, and a new logo was chosen from among many excellent entries. This page is for historical purposes only, and editing is closed. See also this page.

New Logo Design Contest

Our current Mailman logos were designed by the Dragon De Monsyne many years ago. They have served us exceedingly well, but with the coming of Mailman 3, we've decided it's time our logos got a face lift. So we're opening up a new logo contest to the Mailman and GNU communities. We invite your creative and inspiring designs!

Submissions will be open until February 28, 2010 March 15, 2010 at 2200 UTC. We want to involve the Mailman community in choosing the final logo, but we (the Mailman Steering Committee) want to make the process go more smoothly so we will narrow the initial set of submissions down to our favorite three to five logos. Then we'll conduct some kind of fair internet vote (TBD) to allow everyone to have a say in the final selection.

Here are the guidelines (subject to change at the whim of the Steering Committee).

  1. The winning designer must be willing and able to assign copyright for all logos to the Free Software Foundation. We're a GNU project after all, so we have to abide by these legal constraints. Of course you will gain fame if not fortune by our acknowledgement and recognition of your mad design sk1llz.

  2. The logo should be SVG for scalability in as many contexts as possible. We'd like to get at least a favicon, as well as sizes appropriate for Launchpad branding (14x14 == favicon, 64x64, 192x192). Which probably means it needs to be square, but we will also accept non-square variations. The favicon need not be identical to the square version.

  3. If your logo contains the name of the project, it must be spelled GNU Mailman. In other words, it must contain the "GNU" prefix and cannot be camel cased. Note that it's up to you whether your logo contains any text or not (we'll include the text in any alt tag).

  4. Artists may use the current logos as inspiration, but need not limit themselves to that. Think about how your logo relates to what Mailman does, but be creative!

Submissions are accepted on the logo submission page. Because of the wiki spam problem you will have to have a login on this wiki, but unlike other pages here, you do not need to request additional permissions to edit that page. We're watching for spam and abuse though, so please be kind to your fellow humans!

Please direct questions to the Mailman Steering Committee.

You might also want to subscribe to this page to keep up with any changes in the guidelines.



Barry Warsaw

Due to some problems with write permissions on the logo submission page, we've extended the contest until March 15, 2010. If you still want to submit a logo, please sign up for an account on the wiki and send your wiki user name to mailman-cabal at python dot org so that we can allow you to edit the submissions page.

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