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The logo contest was completed in March of 2010, and a new logo was chosen from among many excellent entries. This page is for historical purposes only, and editing is closed. See also this page.

2010 Mailman Logo Submission Page

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The logo contest closed on March 15, 2010. Thank you all for participating. We'll have announcements of the next phase in the contest soon. - The Mailman Steering Committee

This page is solely for submissions in the 2010 Mailman new logo contest. Please read that page for guidelines and rules. Note that to facilitate an open submission process yet minimally deal with wiki spam, the restrictions on editing this page have been loosened. You need to register with the wiki, but you do not need to ask for special permission to edit the page. We're watching for spam and inappropriate content though, so please be kind!

To submit a logo, please add a preview of your logo to the bottom of this table. If you have more than one submission, just add another row. If your logo has multiple variants (i.e. slightly different designs at different sizes) you can add them to the same table row, but don't go overboard. If you have lots of variants, please just include a link to your own website were we can see the rest of them.


# Author name Author email Logo website Logo Notes
Dragon De Monsyne n/a dragonlogo.jpg Old logo, here for example only
1 Andrija Arsic n/a gnu192.jpg Logo
2 Andrija Arsic n/a gnu.jpg Logo
3 Brian Carpenter newlogo.jpg I plan on submitting some more
as time permits.
4 Andrija Arsic n/a gnulg.jpg One more sample
5 Andrija Arsic n/a gnulett.jpg One more sample..
6 Brian Carpenter newlogo2.jpg
7 Brian Carpenter newlogo3.jpg
8 Andrija Arsic n/a GNUletter.jpg Logo sample
9 Lisandro Martinez Basabilvaso n/a mailman-192x192.jpg n/a
10 Brian Carpenter newlogo4.jpg All of my logos can be modified in case you would like something to be changed.
11 Andrija Arsic n/a gnuarrow.jpg Logo sample
12 Rae French logo_gnumailman_192.jpg Designed in black for easy color change, if needed. Integrated the GNU logo for brand recognition.
13 Brian Carpenter newlogo5.jpg Logo can be modified according to need.
14 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
Logo1a.png Mailman is very well known. It does not need to tell everybody what or who it is. Saying "M" is enough. "M" stands for Mailman. Mailman as a brand. Extra benefit: Works well as an icon too.
15 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
Logo1a-variante.png A variation that places "GNU" outside, making the "M" even stronger.
16 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
Logo1b.png Variant of 1a without "metal"-effect. More cool and elegant. Less fancy. Works well as an icon or logo in situations when Mailman is used within the context of another website, where the website design should have the design lead.
17 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
A variation that places "GNU" outside, making "M" stronger.
18 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
"Mailman" in a speech bubble, because people use "Mailman" to communicate. A very modern approach that brushes off the dust of "mailing list managers" and puts it into context with forums, jabber, twitter et. al.
19 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
A more compact version. More modern, more icongraphic.
20 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
A tribute to the current, established logo. A classic typo that alludes to the postal stamp in the old logo. The stripes play along the stripes on the old logo, but use a cleaner form, well suited for on- and offline usage.
21 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
The stripes on their own. A reduced version of 3 suited to use as an icon in a browser bookmark (favicon) or on a desktop.
22 Brian Carpenter newlogo6.jpg


23 Claudia Fleiner, Patrick Koetter,
The stripes on their own. A reduced version of 3 suited to use as an icon in a browser bookmark (favicon) or on a desktop.
24 Lisandro Martinez Basabilvaso n/a mm192x192.jpg
25 Lisandro Martinez Basabilvaso n/a m1m1192x192.jpg

26 Lisandro Martinez Basabilvaso n/a mailman-face.jpg
27 Sven Anderson sven(at) n/a mm_logo_simple.png mm_logo_favicon.png mm_logo.png mm_logo_blue.png


Rectangular variant, emphasizing the envelope shape:

mm_logo_rect_simple.png mm_logo_rect.png
Idea: The main element are the two triangles facing each other in a circle. The icons here are just examples how to implement that idea. The coloring and other details can be adapted. The first simple version is a reference to the old "stamp" logo and is suitable as a favicon.
Background: the two triangles symbolize:
  • both the letter "M" and an envelope,
  • two arrows, representing the multidirectional communication,
  • a bow tie, reminding of a butler, representing the service,
  • the "natural join" operator in relational algebra, a nice allegory for a mailing list.
28 Jason Cobill
jasond0tcobillatgmaild0tcom n/a JC_Mailman_Logo.png JC_Mailman3_WordmarkLockup.png A literal "mailman", with the latest version number embedded in the lower right corner. Uniform, colours, pose, gender, etc could change with every major release to make an evolving set of stamps.
The wordmark is set in Century Gothic, a formal type used by postal services.
SVG files available on request.
29 Larry Hastings
larryathastingsdotorg n/a mailman.3.a.capella.png An 8-bit postage cancellation mark, inspired by the current logo.  Original is in SVG format.
30 Carson Brown n/a carson-mailman.png A simplified postage stamp for mailman (original is in SVG)
31 Carson Brown n/a carson-mailman-with-cancel.png The above but with a post office "cancel" stamp.
32 Carson Brown n/a mailman-just-envelope.png Just the envelope.

Additional logo submissions

Some logos were submitted after the contest was closed. For historical purposes, these are enumerated below.

Author name Logo Date submitted
Anoop Thomas Matthew anoop1.png 2011-03-04
Anoop Thomas Matthew anoop2.png 2011-03-04

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