This page contains historical content

The logo contest was completed in March of 2010, and a new logo was chosen from among many excellent entries. This page is for historical purposes only, and editing is closed. See also this page.

New logos

Our current logos are fairly old and in some cases difficult to read because of their fuzziness. OTOH, I like that it invokes old-timey (US?) postmarks. With new versions of Mailman in the works, perhaps it's time to start soliciting new project logos.


  1. It must set itself apart from other, especially mail related logos
  2. It must be eye-catching
  3. It must adhere Web Accessibility Guidlines, especially:

    1. logo must provide high color contrast
    2. logo must not be animated
    3. logo must not work against color blind people

  4. Logo size requirements
    1. Must "work" as small Icon on a users desktop or in the browser URL pane (favicon)
    2. Must "work" in regular size on a webpage
    3. Must "work" in large size on a poster
  5. Logo must integrate well be it displayed either on portrait or landscape orientation
  6. Logo must be a vector graphic
  7. Logo must "work" in print and web
  8. Logo should show some relation to old logo design

Submission process

  1. The winning logo must be donated to the Free Software Foundation, although proper credit will always be given to the original artist.



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