Google Summer of Code 2011

The GNU Mailman project is happy once again to be participating in the Google Summer of Code for the year 2011. This time, we're involved under the Python Software Foundation's banner.

This year's focus for Mailman projects will be continuing the great work done last year on the new web user interface for Mailman 3, work on the Mailman 3 engine, and other activities around Mailman 3. We're very happy that Florian Fuchs and Anna Granudd have agreed to mentor this year, and Barry Warsaw will also be providing mentorship. Mentors and students should contact us on the public mailing list

List of projects

Here then are a list of projects for GSoC 2011. We're not limited to these, so if you have other ideas, do let us know! We'll expand on these as we get students interested in working on them.

  • Complete the Django web u/i begun by Anna last year
  • Complete the REST API
  • Take the Syster's archiver code and make it a suitable replacement for Pipermail
    • See Priya's Mailocate for information on search use cases and code

    • See Yian's Archives UI for information on archive use cases and code. Note that some of these interfaces were for a modified Mailman instance that had a notion of conversations. I think this is something worth integrating into Mailman 3 and we have the code for it, if people are interested in continuing from here

    • It's perfectly ok if you've got another idea for how things should look or behave too – just make suggestions!
  • Add support for RFC 5064 and Stable URLs to Pipermail

  • Convert Pipermail from shelve/pickle to SQlite (or actually a pluggable ORM)
  • Built-in NNTP and IMAP access to archives and admin interfaces.
  • Upgrade/conversion tools from Mailman 2 to Mailman 3.
  • Convert our Confluence wiki (non-free) to Moin (free software).


If you want to be a mentor, please contact us on the mailman-developers mailing list. Current list of mentors:

  • Florian Fuchs
  • Anna Granudd
  • Barry Warsaw
  • Terri Oda


If you are a student who wants to work with us this year, again, please contact us on the mailman-developers mailing list. Current list of students are:

Getting started

The code for Mailman 3 is on launchpad here:

You'll note that the base code and the web UI code are actually separate right now, so make sure you install both if you want to see the web UI!

The code produced by Systers last year can be found here: – note that this code was developed for a modified Mailman 2.1 installation, so it won't apply directly to Mailman 3.

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