'''Proposal (Under Construction)'''


The main idea of this project is to convert the current wiki from Confluence (non-free) to MoinMoin, which is free and on Python'.

For that, it will be exported to XML (using the Confluence tool Export to XML') and parsed in Python, creating a DOM tree.

L'ater this DOM tree will be imported to Moin using or basing on the available code at src/MoinMoin/converter/'.


'''Start of Program (April 25 - May 24)'''

- Get to know Confluence, MoinMoin, tools, apis and specially the mentor (or team) I'm going to work with. (April 26 - April 30)

- Submit a public patch to Mailman or Moin, preferably something related to this project. (April 27 - May 8)

- Download and understand the XML tree from the complete dump of the Confluence exported data.'(April 28 - May 2)

- Identify each one of the artifacts that compose Confluence wiki (e.g. pages, comments, etc).'('May 1' - May 9')

- Create a class to generate a DOM tree from the exported 'XML using 'Python's xml.dom api'.'('May 3' - 'May 24')

'''Midterm Evaluation (May 25 - July 12)'''

- Create a class to get the DOM tree and convert it to Moin' using 'moinwiki_out.py'.'('May 25' - Jun' 27')

- Check if the Confluence markup was properly converted to Moin markup. '('Jun 27' - Jul' 12')

'''Final Evaluation (July 13 - Aug 16)'''

- Create documentation for all the major code.'('Jul 13' - Jul' 24')

- Bugs fixing and final tests.'('Jul 18' - Jul' 31')

- Check if the new Moin wiki was properly created.'('Jul 25' - Aug' 16')

- Get in touch with the mentor and evaluate the project.'('Aug 1' - Aug' 16')


* As a security measure, there is one extra week to deal with any contretemps.

'''About Me'''

I study the 'last year of Computer Science' at Federal University of Goias'.

It's my first time on GSoC, but I've worked for 2 years on the development of a distance learning system callede-Proinfo for the Brazilian Ministry of Education 'and already worked on three opensource projects hosted on Google Code', one being on Python.

I'm not working now, only studying, so I will be involved almost full time with this program and I put myself available for any need after the end of GSoC.

'''Contact Info'''

Name: Taciano Messias Moraes

Blog: http://mailmanmoin.wordpress.com

Email: tacianomm@gmail.com

XMPP: Gtalk

Phone: +55 62 84286966 / +55 62 32518224

Postal Address: Rua C-217 Qd. 522 Lt. 03 - Jardim America

City, State, Zip, Country: Goiania, Goias, 74270-310, Brazil.

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