3.27. Who receives mail to -owner and -admin?

The administrative options for Mailman mailing lists include fields for "owner" and "moderator" email addresses. It would make sense if mail to -owner would go to the "owners" but since subscription requests go to that address, I suspect it includes moderators. So, does mail to -owner go to "owners", "moderators", or both? What about -admin?

Along the same lines, if I put an address in the "owner" field, is there any point in putting it in the "moderator" field, or is that completely redundant?

The above question has been in the FAQ without an answer for over a year now. Questions should be posted to mailman-users@python.org. The FAQ is for answers, not questions.

OK, rant over. Here's an answer...

All addresses in both the "owner" and "moderator" fields receive all mail to the -owner address.

The -admin address is a synonym for the -bounces address (a holdover from previous usage), thus mail to -admin is generally treated as an unrecognized bounce.

There is no point in putting the same address in both "owner" and "moderator" fields - it will just result in duplicate messages.

Note that owner and moderator roles are determined by who knows what password, not by who's address is in what field.

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