5.7. Where are my icons?

After you install Mailman on your server (as we did), you may not see any icons at the bottom of the web pages Mailman generates (like the user interface web page). Here's what we had to do in our situation (according to the tech support people at VERIO Web Hosting):

Apache comes with the following directive by default.

 Alias /icons/ "/usr/local/apache/icons/"

Mailman is looking for these images in the "/icons" directory so I copied them to this location.

 cd /usr/local/mailman/icons
 cp * /usr/local/apache/icons/

Here's a tip. If you want to change one of the icons (say, to your company logo), just place your company logo file in the icons folder (as per above), and then change the name to the name of one of the icons Mailman uses. In our situation, the "Powered by FreeBSD" logo was missing. The actual file name for this logo was "powerlogo.gif." We added our logo to the icons folder and changed the name to "powerlogo.gif" and that's it. Now at the bottom of our Mailman web pages are the Mailman, Python, and company logos.

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