3.67. Some browsers do not appear to recognize the admin password for the list

Firefox and Safari, and quite possibly other browsers, do not appear to recognize the password entry field on the administrator list authentication web page as an actual password field, and therefore it looks like they do not offer to remember it for you.

The password field is named "adminpw" in the form rather than "password", and the browsers may also be set up to look for a pair of "username" and "password" rather than a bare password field.

No workaround is known for this problem. At least one of Mailman and the browsers will have to change for this behavior to change.

Mailman feature request 966157 (from 2004) was filed to get this fixed, but as of 2006-09-05 nothing appears to have been done about it yet.

A closer look at the bug shows that Firefox was recognizing and saving the password, but was not offering it back when you next visited the page.

Firefox bug 235336 covers this issue and says that it is fixed <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=235336>. The keyword "fixed1.8.1" suggests to me that we can expect this fix to be released in 1.8.1 of Firefox.

You should of course be very careful how and where you store your passwords; if you store them on a computer connected to the net (in the browser or otherwise) you should at least make sure they're well encrypted (using, in Firefox, the "master password" feature).

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