3.26. Is there an easy way to discard all messages waiting to be reviewed?

If you have a list where non members can post but their messages are moderated, you'll have to deal with a lot of spam. After sometime, just a small percentage of them will be good posts. It's boring to click to discard each messages. A better solution is to approve the good ones, and use a javascript link to mark to discard all.

First, open your bookmark manager and add the following link as an URL:

 javascript:var el=document.forms[0].elements;for (var i=0; i<el.length;i++) if (el[i].type=='radio' && el[i].value==3) void(el[i].checked=true);

Now visit the moderation page, and visit the bookmark. All the messages will be marked to discard, just press the button.

I've tested it just with mozilla, but it should work in all browser versions that support javascript links.

For Mailman 2.1.5, we find the following update which is mentioned in the mailman-2.1.5/NEWS file:

    - The admindb page has a checkbox that allows you to discard all held
      messages that are marked Defer.  On heavy lists with lots of spam holds,
      this makes clearing them much faster.

Another strategy would just be to ignore spam messages, relying on letting them be culled automatically according to your max_days_to_hold setting.

If you want to allow all messages rather than discard them, see How can I accept (allow) all held messages?

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