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6.19. How do I integrate Mailman with PHP, or any other web enabling technology?

Mailman is written in Python, but there are a number of command-line programs you can call to perform various functions. If your PHP (or whatever) system allows you to make system calls to other command-line programs, you can integrate the systems in that way.

If your PHP (or whatever) system is written in Python or has Python integration libraries, you may be able to achieve a more complete integration, but that is outside the scope of this FAQ, the mailman-users mailing list, etc....

See 4.09 Summary of the mailman bin commands for a list of Mailman command-line programs that can be called by other programs. You can also search the archives for other hints regarding command-line programs, the "withlist" tool, and techniques for integrating Mailman with other systems.

See the attached members.c file for an example of a wrapper program that can be called by a PHP, cgi or whatever script to execute selected Mailman command-line commands.

If you want to script the web interface so that you don't have to deal directly with the command-line programs themselves (or you are unable to do so), then see Additional web administration tools.

If you want to act on the moderation queue via the command-line, see How do I handle list moderation from the command-line?. If you wish to just manually delete messages that are in the hold queue, see 4.74 How do I manually remove held messages from the command-line?

If you want to automate the administration of your mailing lists with a command-line tool like "wget", you may want to search the archives of the mailman-users mailing list (see How do I search the archives of the mailman-users mailing list?) for "wget". The canned Google search at http://tinyurl.com/2avuqv will look for all references to "wget" on the official archive site at python.org, and specific threads you may find useful may include

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