3.12. How can I remove duplicate Re: markers from the Subject: field of messages?

I've managed to do this with a simple sed script.

(1) Find a suitable place for your script, and then make a file like 'mylist.sed' containing:

    ----- start of mylist.sed -----
    s/^Subject:\(.*\)\[SUBJECT_PREFIX\] /Subject:\1/
    s/^Subject: *\(Re: \)\+/Subject: Re: /
    ------ end of mylist.sed ------

(Change the SUBJECT_PREFIX to the subject prefix for your list)

(2) Make a file like 'mylist.sh' containing:

    ----- start of mylist.sh -----
    cat | sed -f /PATH/TO/mylist.sed | /PATH/TO/mailman/mail/wrapper post listname
    ------ end of mylist.sh ------

(Again, change the /PATH/TO's to a suitable value for your system)
(Note that qmail users need to insert the 'preline' command between the pipe and the 'wrapper' command)

(3) Change the 'mylist.sh' script to mode 755 (executable)

(4) Change /etc/aliases or ~alias/.qmail-listname to be:

    | /PATH/TO/mylist.sh

(Change this as you require)

(5) Test by posting to the list with a subject line containing Re:'s and a [subject_prefixes] and more Re:'s

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