1.17. Do you offer Mailman hosting, consulting, or contractor services?

The Mailman developers do not offer hosting, consulting, or contractor services, however several companies do provide Mailman and mailing list hosting services, and they may also provide consulting/contractor services as well. The primary source for finding Mailman hosting providers is in the Mailman wiki:

Mailman hosting services

Mailman consulting services

There are also more general Python hosting providers (which may also provide Mailman services) listed on the Python wiki page:


If you are a Mailman hosting provider, please feel free to add your organization to these pages. Since these are community driven wiki pages, please make it clear that you are providing Mailman hosting, even if you host other Python-related services. Many of the groups listed on this page are relatively small, and may also provide consulting services as well as hosting. You should try contacting them.

If you're unable to find a hosting provider that also does consulting, you may want to contact the Python Business Forum:


They may not do consulting themselves, but they may know people who do.

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