1.14. Can I run Mailman under thttpd?

Yes, but not with symlinks.

  Subject: [Mailman-Users] thttpd
  From: Justin Sheehy <justin@iago.org>
  Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 13:20:42 -0500 (10:20 PST)
  To: barry@digicool.com (Barry A. Warsaw)
  Cc: mailman-users@python.org

  Several months ago I sent mail to mailman-users when I was trying to
  figure out how to get Mailman to run under thttpd.

  I figured it out fairly quickly, but forgot to post the answer back
  here.  I'm doing so now, for the benefit of others who might want to
  run Mailman on thttpd.

  I copied the cgi-bin directory from Mailman's install directory into a
  "mailman" subdirectory of the thttpd data directory.  This could be
  done with symlinks, but then you'd have to turn off some of thttpd's
  useful security checks.

  Then, I added this entry to the thttpd configuration file:


  The double-asterisk is important.  Without it, thttpd will not process
  CGI requests of the sort that Mailman expects.

  That's all.  Mailman has been running flawlessly for me under thttpd
  for over four months now.


Contrary to this report, using symlinks, regardless of whether or not those symlinks go outside of the html tree (in which case use the nosymlinkcheck option), does not work, because thttpd (2.25b) processes the ** wildcard incorrectly when a symlink is encountered.

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