Now that Tokio has released 2.1.8 final, I made the switch to Subversion for our repository. The SourceForge conversion process seemed to go very smoothly. I've checked out the entire Mailman tree and it all looks pretty good to me (it's amazing how many tags we've had over the years!). I've started doing some repo cleaning in the trunk in preparation for starting with Mailman 2.2 development. Lots more to do, but doesn't Subversion make such things almost fun?!

I also sent out the announcement about this Wiki and the companion Jira issue tracker. Looks like we've had at least one new sign up! I still need to work on the issue importer so we can move off of the SourceForge trackers.

Finally, I'm still having trouble pushing out the website updates for 2.1.8 to the mirror. I had to upload new pubkeys to savannah, but I still can't cvs up my copy. It might be because there's a long delay in pushing those keys out to the shell accounts, although it's been an hour or so. I'll keep trying and give it until tonight before I report the problem.

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