There will be a Mailman sprint at PyCon US 2013.  The sprints run March 18-21, 2013 in Santa Clara, CA, USA.

PyCon itself is sold out, but interested participants can attend the sprints even if they are not registered for the conference.  There is no cost for attending the sprints; just show up and find us!

The sprints will be held at the hotel (not at the convention centre itself):

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

5101 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, California USA 95054

There's a series of rooms up a level (just up the escalators) that we use, and there should be a sign pointing at us somewhere, or just ask someone if you can't find us.

Attendee list

  • Barry Warsaw
  • Florian Fuchs
  • Terri Oda
  • Steve Turnbull
  • Mark Sapiro
  • Rachael Hobbs (present for the Sunday night intros. I'll be flying out Monday AM and would like to participate remotely)

Remote attendee list

Assuming we have an internet connection that behaves, it should be possible to people to remotely participate in the sprints via IRC or whatever other technologies seem useful.  If you'd like us to keep an eye out for you, put your name and IRC nick/other contact info down here:

-Chris Cargile (to listen in on #mailman - at least 3/19, other days hopefully too)

Sprint topics

  • Work on the port to Python 3
  • Get Postorius feature complete enough to release the MM3 suite
  • HyperKitty

  • Work on MM2->MM3 import scripts

  • Bug squashing
  • Crazy idea: integrate Mailman with Discourse

  • (Your idea here)

Informal Agenda

Use this space to suggest things we should remember to talk about

  • GSoC 2013 plans
  • GSoC 2012 post-mortem (for thinking about 2013 plans)

3.0 Release Must Have

  • core

    • fix core test suite for both sqlite and postgres
    • verify that bounce processing is complete
    • make sure that subscription/unsubscription policies are implemented
    • per-list archive enablement (and auto-gmane registration?)
    • pagination support in the REST API
  • postorius

    • subscription moderation [Waiting to see status of implementation in core]
    • Fix user settings page

      • note: user settings / preferences in the most generic location (i.e. on user)
    • site settings
    • removing moderators / owners [In progress: Maria?]
    • associate multiple addresses to user [Confirm email via core?]
    • non-member disposition [Put list of non-members in list settings with allow/deny, etc]
    • reply-to munging
    • Login form (like the persona demo) done!

      • Only show both if javascript available?
      • [Patch coming from Dan to improve persona integration]
    • Modify user interface (profile not under todo, etc.)  Done!
    • Fix subscribe page
    • pagination for API resource lists [In progress: Florian] Done!
    • normalize urls
  • mailman.client
    • publish on pypi
    • put docs on pythonhosted/readthedocs
  • hyperkitty

    • merged w/postorius for running both in a single django
    • make sure we can still save messages to mbox and/or maildir for regen
    • make sure regen uses stable urls
  • project management

    • basic packaging to easy installation of suite
    • mm2 / mm3 co-installation
    • i18n
    • restructured text based website (possibly using pelican)
    • move to pdo infrastructure
    • send sprint summary to mm-dev
    • send roadmap for 3.0 release to mm-dev
  • documentation

    • non-homicidal install docs

3.x wish list

  • RSS feed
  • upgrade scripts
  • pubsub or 2-way REST
  • Authenticated REST from Django
  • dlists / nosy lists (instead of topics)
  • url resources (e.g. for welcome message)
  • ACLs for all list settings
  • mass removal

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