Mailman 3.1

TODOs for the next major release of Mailman 3. As we drill down on these, we should turn these into feature requests on the appropriate subproject.

TL;DR: a major goal for 3.1 is easy, high fidelity upgrades from MM2.1 to MM3.

  • Mailman Suite:
    • Internationalization - there must be a way for the community to contribute translations and for us to integrate them into releases (bug 1414154) Pushed to 3.2

    • Migration scripts for current Mailman 2 installations (bug 965532)

    • Test migration from 2 to 3

    • Mailman 2 & 3 co-existing on the same machine done

    • Make it easier to install with Docker done

    • User documentation
    • Contributor guide?
  • Core
    • Migrations from 2.1 -> 3.1 (TOP PRIORITY)

    • Email notification templates (allowing urls to Postorius clickable actions to be inserted) [Barry is working on a branch]
    • non-member default actions allowing NULL to defer to list policy (issue #189)

    • login-less subscription/unsubscription -- Patch in postorius to be looked at
    • Unsubscription policy: dealing with permission to unsubscribe (similar to 3.0's subscription policy work). -- Abilash
    • 100% test code coverage (nice to have, not a blocker) Won't happen, but we're around 90%

    • Core 3.1 Milestone issues and merge requests

  • Postorius
    • Implementation of django-browserid + custom audience checking Done, will need to be replaced when persona goes dark

    • Add user settings page (Likely to be completed as part of stylistica's summer of code work; may need temporary fix sooner) done

    • Add ability to remove moderators/owners from a list (see bug 1062889)) -- done

    • non-member disposition [Put list of non-members in list settings with allow/deny, etc] (see bug 1414149)

    • Pull list of supported languages for a domain from Mailman core via API (see bug 1414298)

    • Postorius 3.1 Milestone issues and merge requests

  • Hyperkitty
    • Bug fixing
  • Websites
    • Update visual style and information architecture of and the wiki to feel more unified, be more navigable, and present a modern appearance
  • Mailman-bundler
    • Folk at Pycon were not able to to install, it looks like we might need to change the way venvs are created to be more robust on centos and mint.

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