How to setup Mailman 3 on ubuntu for production

This guide is obsolete! See this guide for current recommendations.

If you want to setup Mailman 3 for development please visit the [[DEV/Home|development homepage].

This page contains my notes on things I needed to do to get the mailman-bundler to run on ubuntu 14.04 in docker. I am mostly following with the following additions/modifications.

Install some prerequisites in Python:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git python3-dev python3-pip python-dev python-pip python-virtualenv

Set up nodejs, the node package manager. (The last link creation part of this instruction is needed because there is a name conflict with 'node' so the 'node' command is named 'nodejs' you need a symlink somewhere from node to /usr/bin/nodejs. MAS)

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
sudo npm install -g less
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Do the next steps as normal from

Some things that might be non-obvious:

  1. You need to cd into mailman-bundler before running buildout.
    •    cd mailman-bundler
  2. Make sure to start using python2 for the first virtualenv, since not everything in postorius/hyperkitty is python 3 compliant. The buildout will create a python 3 virtual env for Mailman 3 Core. (In many fresh systems python2 is still default, but if you're using a system you've configured for python3, be aware!)
  3. You really do need gcc. This is installed by default in Ubuntu 14.04 so it wasn't included in the lists of prerequisites to install above, but don't be surprised when numpy starts compiling stuff. it generates a lot of warnings, you can ignore them.

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