Is my language supported in Mailman?

Mailman now supports a wide range of world languages, and we're always happy to add to the list. Below is information for list admins and translators, plus a table of available languages, and the Mailman Language Champions who are responsible for our translations.

Information for List Administrators

Mailman 2.1 is fully internationalized. This means you can add translations of the Mailman interface, and of all the email and web templates in Mailman, so that your users can interact with your mailing lists in their native language. Internationalization is handled as follows:

Each Mailman installation has a server default language. Mailman currently ships with US English (ASCII) as the server default.

Mailman comes with many supported languages, and if your language is on that list, it will simply work out of the box.

Individual list owners can choose which languages they'd like their mailing list to support, from the suite of site-enabled languages. The list owner can also select the list's default language. Mailing lists can thus be monolingual (with English or any other installed language as the default), or they can be multilingual.

Individual users can choose what their preferred language is, from the set of list-enabled languages. Thus, if a list is multilingual, the user can choose which language they'd prefer to use while interacting with Mailman.


Mailman never actually translates the messages that flow through its mailing lists. It's up to the list members to adhere to their community's language conventions.

Information for Translators

Please read our Internationalization page, which includes our Translation Howto.

The table below simply summarizes the current state of Mailman's language support. You can participate in supporting a particular language, or add the translation for a new language. We welcome your contribution. Please read our Internationalization page for all the details on how you can contribute.

Mailman Language Champions

As this table shows, each supported language has a Champion who coordinates translation updates and submits them to the Mailman project. For all translator questions about Internationalization, please read that page; admins can read their i18n section (above); both translators and admins can post questions to our mailman-i18n mailing list. Feel free to create links from these languages to a language specific page, if you want to provide some information to non-English speakers.

Language ISO-639 Champion Status See also
Arabic ar Munzir Taha <munzir NO AT HARVEST foss DOT org DOT sa> Supported (coming soon)
Asturian ast Marcos Costales <marcoscostales NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com> Not yet submitted
Azerbaijani az Emin Mastizada <emin NO AT HARVEST linux DOT com> Not yet submitted Launchpad Repository
Basque/Euskara eu Piarres Beobide <pi NO AT HARVEST beobide DOT net> Supported Mailman Basque Translation Project webpage
Bulgarian bg Alexander Shopov <ash NO AT HARVEST contact DOT bg> Not yet submitted Public preview will be available here
Catalan ca Jordi Mallach <jordi NO AT HARVEST sindominio DOT net> and David Planella <david DOT planella NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com> Supported Catalan Mailman translation project
Chinese zh_CN Leona <leona NO AT HARVEST cs DOT hit DOT edu DOT cn> Supported Coordination Page
Chinese zh_TW Ping Yeh <ping NO AT HARVEST pingyeh DOT net> Supported
Croatian hr Nino Katic <nkatic NO AT HARVEST public DOT srce DOT hr> Supported
Czech cs Dan Ohnesorg <dan NO AT HARVEST ohnesorg DOT cz>
with assistance from V. Stanovsky <stan NO AT HARVEST krnovsko DOT cz>
Danish da Tom G Christensen <mm-da NO AT HARVEST statsbiblioteket DOT dk> Supported
Dutch nl Jan Veuger <info NO AT HARVEST janveuger DOT com> Supported
English (British) en_GB Adam Bowen <adamb NO AT HARVEST agitate DOT org DOT uk> Not yet submitted
Esperanto eo Rubén Fernández Asensio <enseikou NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com> Partially supported
Estonian et Anti Veeranna <duke NO AT HARVEST linux DOT ee> Supported
Finnish fi Joni Töyrylä <info NO AT HARVEST jonitoyryla DOT eu> Supported
French fr Pascal George <george NO AT HARVEST lyon DOT inserm DOT fr>
and Ousmane Wilane <wilane NO AT HARVEST yahoo DOT com>
Supported French Translation Team mailing list
hosted by Fil <Fil NO AT HARVEST rezo DOT net>
Galician gl Frco. Javier Rial Rodríguez <fjrial NO AT HARVEST cesga DOT es> Supported
German de Peer Heinlein <p DOT heinlein NO AT HARVEST jpberlin DOT de> Supported Mailman de
Greek el Antonis Limperis <limperis NO AT HARVEST cti DOT gr> Not yet submitted
Hebrew he Dov Zamir Supported
Hungarian hu Vizi Szilard <vizisz NO AT HARVEST freemail DOT hu>, Szabolcs Szigeti, Gabor Funk <funk DOT gabor NO AT HARVEST hunetkft DOT hu> Supported
Icelandic is Ólafur Garðarsson <oli NO AT HARVEST edal DOT net> Not yet submitted
Ido io Loïc Landais <loic DOT landais NO AT HARVEST wanadoo DOT fr> Not yet submitted
Interlingua ia Alberto Mardegan <mardy NO AT HARVEST users DOT sourceforge DOT net>,
Thomas Breinstrup,
Emerson José Silveira da Costa <ensjo NO AT HARVEST interlingua DOT com>
Italian it Simone Piunno <pioppo NO AT HARVEST ferrara DOT linux DOT it> Supported Italian Translation Team mailing list
or email <mailman-it NO AT HARVEST liste DOT ferrara DOT linux DOT it>
Japanese ja Tokio Kikuchi <tkikuchi NO AT HARVEST is DOT kochi-u DOT ac DOT jp> Supported Japanized Mailman Page,
Japanese Mailman-users mailing list,
and its public archives
Kannada kn H.P.Nadig <hpnadig NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com> Not yet submitted <translation NO AT HARVEST sampada DOT info>,
Kannada project
Korean ko Yongmin Hong <revi NO AT HARVEST fastlizard4 DOT org> Supported
Lithuanian lt Mantas Kriauciunas <mantas NO AT HARVEST akl DOT lt> Supported
Norwegian no Daniel Buchmann <Daniel DOT Buchmann NO AT HARVEST bibsys DOT no> Supported Norwegian Mailman page
Persian fa Mahyar Moghimi <mahyar DOT moqimi NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com> and Javad Hoseini <javad2000 NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com> Supported (2.1.16)
Polish pl Bartosz Sawicki <sawickib NO AT HARVEST iem DOT pw DOT edu DOT pl>, Pawel Kolodziejczyk <Pawel DOT Kolodziejczyk NO AT HARVEST comarch DOT pl>, Marcin Sochacki <wanted NO AT HARVEST mwd DOT pl>,Marcin Zaborowski <m DOT zaborowski NO AT HARVEST il DOT pw DOT edu DOT pl> Supported
Portuguese pt
Gleydson Mazioli da Silva <gleydson DOT mazioli NO AT HARVEST ima DOT sp DOT gov DOT br>, Rubens Queiroz de Almeida <queiroz NO AT HARVEST ccuec DOT unicamp DOT br>
Aleck Zander <aleck NO AT HARVEST unesp DOT br>,Jose Roberto Kerne <joseroberto NO AT HARVEST dicaslinux DOT com DOT br>,Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida <moitinho NO AT HARVEST civil DOT ist DOT utl DOT pt>, Emerson Ribeiro de Mello <emerson_ml NO AT HARVEST yahoo DOT com DOT br>
Romanian ro Stefaniu Criste <stefaniu DOT criste NO AT HARVEST hangarhosting DOT net> Supported
Russian ru Danil Smirnov <danil AT NO smirnov DOT HARVEST la> Supported Download translation
Serbian sr Bojan Suzic <bojan NO AT HARVEST trust-b DOT com> Supported
Slovak sk Martin Matuška Supported
Download translation and patches
Slovenian sl Uros Kositer <urosh NO AT HARVEST agenda DOT si> Supported
Spanish es Juan Carlos Rey Anaya <jcrey NO AT HARVEST uma DOT es> Supported
Swedish sv Tomas Fasth <tomfa NO AT HARVEST debian DOT org>
and Anders Norrbring <anders NO AT HARVEST norrbring DOT biz>
Tamil tam Sri Ramadoss M <amachu DOT techie NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com> Proposed
Turkish tr Kerem Erkan <kerem DOT erkan NO AT HARVEST basari DOT com DOT tr>, Erdinc Guler <eguler NO AT HARVEST aegee DOT metu DOT edu DOT tr> Supported
Ukrainian uk Maxim Dzumanenko <mvd NO AT HARVEST mylinux DOT com DOT ua> Supported
Vietnamese vi Clytie Siddall <clytie NO AT HARVEST riverland DOT net DOT au> Newly-supported Dự án Việt hoá
Welsh cy Illtud Daniel <illtud DOT daniel NO AT HARVEST llgc DOT org DOT uk> Not yet submitted

If your details are not shown accurately in this table, please login and edit it, or send your changes to Mark <mark NO AT HARVEST msapiro DOT net>.

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