6.2. MTA Performance Tuning Tips for EXIM

Basically a placeholder for now. This information is taken from my general Exim/Mailman howto at http://www.exim.org/howto/mailman21.html which is also in the Mailman distribution as README.EXIM.

List Handling Configuration

These comments are for Mailman version 1.x and 2.0. It is likely that 2.1 may have different requirements. Exim can be run in a similar way to sendmail - with mailman run from aliases, or there is a recipe for automagic list support by adding exim directors and transports to the exim config file. This is described in the files referred to above.


Also make sure you look at the generic MTA performance FAQ entries

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  3. ../Mailman Performance Tuning for Mail Delivery

  4. ../What's with all these Mailman-python-qrunner processes? Why are they eating up all the memory on my server? (performance

This is a set of configuration directives I used on the list boxes I admin. Some of these are necessary, others are cosmetic, a few are probably superfluous - they work for me!

 # definition of injecting IP addresses
 # Extra logging data - not necessary but makes the logs more
 # useful, but bigger
 # lookup all hostnames - puts hostnames into log as well as IPs
 host_lookup =
 # tweak logging
 log_file_path = /var/log/exim/%s.log
 # relay control - from our local network only
 host_accept_relay = LOCAL_NETS
 # Verify receipient addresses on everything except local injects
 # DO NOT verify addresses from mailman - this would slow down
 # the acceptance of messages dramatically
 receiver_verify_hosts = !
 # performance tweaks - 1st is good for linux, maybe less so for others
 remote_max_parallel = 15

Converted from the Mailman FAQ Wizard

This is one of many Frequently Asked Questions.

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