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3.20. How to I get the list administrator to look at all email with attachments, html etc.

On Sat, 04 May 2002 02:33:39 -0400 Tim Miller wrote:

> > My only hassle with it so far is we would all prefer plain text messages. Can't use stripmime (see below) because that would affect other users of the Mailman facility who want to retain html.

You can BLOCK HTML and attachments by going to your Privacy page and finding the line that says: "Hold posts with header value matching a specified regexp." Put the 3 lines below in there.

Content-Type: .*multipart
Content-Type: .*mixed
Content-Type: .*rich

Again, this won't strip out the unwanted stuff but holds offending messages for approval.

Create a text message in your word processor or mail client that you can paste into the explanation box when you reject the message telling your poster that his message was rejected because he did not use plain text, and save it. You'll need this over and over.

(see also FAQ 4.13 How do I prevent MIME attachments-HTML-Viruses being sent to lists)

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