This is fairly easy to do with header_filter_rules, but it requires 3 rules because of the possibility of a message with no Subject: header at all.

The first rule should have one or more regexps that match Subject: headers which are empty or have values like 'no subject', (no subject)', '(no_subject)', etc. A single regexp that will match most of these cases is

^Subject:\s*([[{(]?no[_ ]subject[]})]?)?\s*$

This rule should have whatever action you want to take on these messages.

Then you need a second rule with regexp


and action Accept to pass the remaining messages with Subject: headers.

Finally, you need a third rule with the same action as the first and a regexp


or any other regexp that will match anything to apply the action to messages with no Subject: header at all.

If you already have some header_filter_rules, add the second and third rules above at the end and insert the first rule above in a position depending on its priority with respect to the other rules.

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