Many lists are restricted to "members-only", meaning if you post from an address that isn't a member of the list, the message is held for moderator's approval. Members-only lists are increasingly popular because they reduce the amount of spam seen by the list.

The problem then is for people who want to post to the list from two or more addresses, but only want one of those addresses to receive list postings. E.g. say I sometimes post to the list from barry@dom1.ain and sometimes as warsaw@dom2.ain. I'd like both postings to be treated as coming from a list member, but I don't want duplicates of list messages; I only want barry@dom1.ain to get the messages.

The solution for MM2.0 and MM2.1 is to actually subscribe both addresses to the list, but to disable delivery from all but one of the addresses. So in the above example, I'd subscribe barry@dom1.ain and warsaw@dom2.ain, but I would disable delivery to warsaw@dom2.ain.

You can disable delivery to an address by going to the personal options page for that address and setting "Mail delivery" to "disabled" (for MM2.1 – the wording is slightly different in MM2.0).

This is admittedly a hack, and it will be fixed in future versions.

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