The Edit Public HTML pages use Mailman specific variables to represent blocks of data from the mailman system. They follow the <MM-variablename> format and represent blocks of text or form fields Mailman uses.

Below is a list of variables compiled by Mark Niemann-Ross and posted on his blog.

<MM-Archive> This is an Open tag used to create a link to the mailing list archives.
  Proper use would be:

<MM-archive>here's a link to the mailing list archives</mm=archive>

Typically this brackets the MM-List-Name tag

<MM-Case-Preserved-User> A mystery tag. Appears on the subscriber information page, but is blank in my installation. Appears to be used with <MM-Disabled-Notice> and <MM-results>

<MM-Global-Change-of-Address> Checkbox used on the subscriber information page. Use this inside of the subscription change form. When enabled, will change the email address for all lists subscribed to on this list server.

<MM-Email-My-Pw> Used on the subscriber information page to send a password to the user. Looks like it needs to be part of an anchor. Use it like this...

<a name=reminder>
Forgotten Your Password? Click this button to have your password emailed to your membership address.

<MM-Email-User> Appears to be the public name of this list, identical to the above - but I may be mistaken

<MM-Fullname-Box> Used in the email address change box to change name

<MM-Host> The name of the server hosting the list

<MM-List-Description> The terse phrase identifying this list as entered on the General Options Page

<MM-List-Info> The introductory description as entered on the general options page

<MM-List-Name> The public name of this list as entered in General Options

<MM-lang-form-start><MM-displang-box> <MM-list-langs><MM-form-end> Produces a box with a listing of all supported languages

<MM-List-Subscription-Msg> A message to list subscribers telling them to expect a confirmation email

<MM-Logout-Button> Used on subscriber information page. Creates a logout button. Be sure to enclose in with form start and form end tags, shown like this... <MM-Form-Start> <MM-logout-button> <MM-Form-End>

<MM-Mailman-Footer> A preset footer that includes the list name, a mailto link to the owner, email address, a link to the administrative interface, and a list of all the public lists on your server

<MM-New-Address-Box> Used in the subscriber information update form. Enter a new email address. Use <pre php><MM-confirm-address-box> to confirm the address. Probably not optional, but I didn't check.

<MM-Num-Digesters> Number of subscribers who are reading the digest

<MM-Num-Members> Total number of subscribers

<MM-Num-Reg-Users> Number of people on this list getting all emails (non-digest subscribers)

<MM-Form-End> A pre-formatted form that allows subscribers to log in and edit their options. It appears that the text is probably included in the administrator template, and is out of reach to list owners.

<MM-Owner> Email address of the owner of the list

<MM-Pending-Days> Number of days the system will remember a request for subscription changes. Option on main page - "Discard held messages older than this number of days. Use 0 for no automatic discarding."

<MM-Posting-Addr> Email address for posting contributions

<MM-Presentable-User> Used on the subscriber information page. Produces "email, first name last name"

<MM-Reminder> "Once a month, your password will be emailed to you as a reminder."

<MM-Request-Addr> Email address to send subscribe/unsubscribe/administriva requests

<MM-Restricted-List-Message> If you marked the archives a private in the privacy options, then this tag will include the following text: "(The current archive is only available to the list members.)"

<MM-Form-End> This sets up a form that allows registered subscribers to review the list of other registered subscribers

<MM-Subscribe-Form-Start> Starts the subscription form. Use the following tags inside this form:
  <MM-Subscribe-Box> Subscribers email address
  <MM-Fullname-Box> Subscribers full name
  <MM-New-Password-Box> mild security password
  <MM-Confirm-Password> Confirm the above password
  <MM-List-Langs> Choose a language
  <MM-Digest-Radio-Button><MM-Digest-Question-End> This sets up two radio buttons that allow the subscriber to choose their digest mode. Insert explanatory text in between the radio button tags
  <MM-Subscribe-Button> The subscribe button you'll need to add to this form

<MM-Results> Provides the results from the subscription form

<MM-Umbrella-Notice> Used on the subscriber information page. Not sure what it does - something having to do with a forgotten password.

<MM-Unsubscribe-Button> Used on the subscriber information page. Generates a checkbox and an unsubscribe button.


Don't forget to close with <MM-form-end> at the end of your forms

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