4.38. How to change some configuration for ALL lists?

Q: I am the site administrator and I'd like to change the configuration of ALL existing lists. How to do that?

A: Use /usr/lib/mailman/bin/config_list

Here's an example:

 1. Login your shell
 2. Create a file (/path/to/configfile) and add your configuration *)
 3. Change the configuration using this shell script:
     for i in $(/usr/lib/mailman/bin/list_lists -b) ; do /usr/lib/mailman/bin/config_list -i /path/to/configfile $i ; done

If you only want to change some lists but not all, replace the

 for i in $(/usr/lib/mailman/bin/list_lists -b)

in the above script with for example

 for i in list1 list2 list3

To check for errors before doing the changes, you can simulate your changes using the -c flag. see:

 config_list --help

*) Annotations for configfile:

  • Only use lower case directives!
  • Use 0 or 1 for boolean variables
  • You can add as few or as many directives as you like
  • To get an example of a list's configuration, type

 /usr/lib/mailman/bin/config_list -o - [list_name]

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