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4.30. How do I configure the admin webpage to show more members per page?

Change the setting in DEFAULT_ADMIN_MEMBER_CHUNKSIZE in mm_cfg.py The description is in Defaults.py.

Since Mailman 2.1.10, the information below is not needed. admin_member_chunksize is a setting on the list's web admin General Options page.

This will not work for lists created prior to this change. For them, you need to change the list configuration by using 'withlist':

 $ bin/withlist -l somelist
 Loading list somelist (locked)
 The variable `m' is the somelist MailList instance
 >>> m.admin_member_chunksize
 >>> m.admin_member_chunksize = 100
 >>> m.Save()
 >>>                           <- control-D
 Unlocking (but not saving) list: somelist

You can also do this with config_list. E.g., put the one line

 admin_member_chunksize = 100

in input_file and then do

 $ bin/config_list -i input_file somelist

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