4.25. What is the purpose of the site-wide mailing list?

The site-wide mailing list is for errors and warnings generated by Mailman. It is also where password reminders appear to come from.

You have to create this list yourself after you install Mailman. But Mailman assumes this list exists. It also assumes its name is "mailman". You can use a different name but then you need to modify MAILMAN_SITE_LIST in mm_cfg.py.

Since you create this list just like any other, it is by default public. You should probably make it private. You may also want to turn archiving off. Or make the archives private.

Normal users should not subscribe to this list. Your site administrators should subscribe to the list.

See also <4.57 How do I administer the 'mailman' list (site list)?> and <"Site list is missing- mailman" error after upgrade>.

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