4.17. Why are lists missing from the listinfo page?

Assuming MM 2.1.X, the factors affecting whether a list appears on the listinfo and admin overview pages are:

1. the value of the list's 'advertised' option (the first one on the page) of the Privacy Options Section of the list's admin web GUI.

2. the value of VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW in $prefix/Mailman/Defaults.py or mm_cfg.py. If this is set to true (usually 1) then you may be experiencing the effect of Mailman Virtual Host feature. In that case the address in the URL used to access listinfo is compared to the address in the list's 'web_page_url' attribute. If they are not the same, the list is not added to the listinfo page returned.

Note that web_page_url is a list attribute not visible in the admin interface. It is set at list creation time from DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN and a specified host name. It can be changed by fix_url. See FAQs 4.62 Why doesn't my public list appear on the listinfo overview page? aka Why can't I create a list from the web? and 4.69 Why aren't my mm_cfg.py settings for DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN, DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST effective? for more information.

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