4.1. How do you get rid of the List-* (RFC 2369) headers?

These headers are recommended and defined by RFC 2369 and should not be removed. Supporting MUAs will read the RFC 2369 headers and add controls for users to easily subscribe, unsubscribe, ask for help from the list owner, check/see the description of the list, etc.

For example the MUA I use (J C Lawrence <claw@kanga.nu>), exmh, will add a new menu containing List help, subscribe, unsubscribe, archive, and post commands when a message containing RFC 2369 headers is viewed.

Note: Some MUAs, most notably Eudora, will display the headers when the message is open, but take the appropriate action when the user clicks on the links. Some users may consider this to make their display cluttered and less readable, however in the case of Eudora this was an explicit design decision. There were plugins that changed that default behavior.

While not recommended, Mailman 2.1 supports suppressing all the RFC 2369 headers list-wide. See the admin interface under the General Options category, specifically the include_rfc2369_headers option. MM2.1 also supports removing just the List-Post header for announce-only or one-way lists.

The site admin can remove the ability for a list admin to supress the RFC 2369 headers by putting


in mm_cfg.py.

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