1 options

Location to subsume all options that can be applied to a list.

2.1 General

General settings e.g. digest/non-digest etc. taken from the current interface and put into order.

2.2 Topics

Un-/Subscribe to topics

2.3 plugins

If there's a subscriber plugin  this is the place of it to register configuration options.

2 Subscriptions

2.1 subscribe

A list of all lists on the host the user may log into.

2.2 remove

A list of all subscribed lists the user can unsubscribe.

2.3 modify

A list of all subscribed lists the user may want to modify. Either current applicable settings can be applied to one, more or all subscribed lists or a user can seamlessly switch into the context of a subscribed list by clicking on that lists link.

3 statistics

Place for any kind of statistic module.

3.1 List

TODO: Specify new feature

Visualize list performance in tables and graphs.

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