This page describes how to get started trying the RESTful webservice server for mailman.

The code is at

The following is on a clean install of FC9.  If not on FC9 then most of this will probably be the same; you may need to figure out where easy_install comes from.

Python 2.5.1 and Postfix already installed

setuptools was also already installed as rpm python-setuptools-0.6c8-1.fc9.noarch but I needed to install pyhon-setuptools-devel

as root I installed

  • bzr (not bazaar)

as myself installed(these packages could be installed by root, if installing as yourself see this

  • Routes  using easy_insatll Routes
  • simplejson using easy_install simplejson
  • Mako templates using easy_install Mako

# checkout source

[mk2s@fc9 ~]$ bzr checkout
[mk2s@fc9 ~]$ cd restserver

Then as myself(mk2s) I ran configure and make

[mk2s@fc9 ~/restserver]$  mkdir ~/mailman-runtime

[mk2s@fc9 ~/restserver]$ ./configure --with-username=$USER --with-groupname=$USER  --prefix=$HOME/mailman-runtime --without-permcheck

[mk2s@fc9 ~/restserver]$ make install

# once the build and install is complete

[mk2s@fc9 ~/restserver]$ cd $HOME/mailman-runtime

# start the rest server

[mk2s@fc9 ~/mailman-runtime]$ PYTHONPATH=. python Mailman/rest/

# from a different shell make a request

[mk2s@fc9 ~]$ lynx http://localhost:8000/

and so on

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