1 maintenance

Location for any kind of maintenance task. At the moment there's only pending requests to take care of. If MM, for example, would rely on a SQL database and there would be a command to optimize the database e.g. remove outdated entries, this would be the place to give that command a home.


There are also some maintenance tasks that are mixed with configuration options in the current (MM2) interface. If possible, they should find a new home here.

1.1 requests

New home for old "pending requests". This is where work on pending requests takes place. Notification of pending requests takes place in the "notification area", which is visible on every page.

2 options

Location to subsume all options that can be applied to a list.

2.1 General

2.1.1 Subscription Rules

2.1.2 Language

Which languages are offered and what is the default language of this list?

2.2 Non-Digest/Digest

Settings for list in Digest and Non-Digest mode.

2.3 Filter

This is a new umbrella that subsumes some of the former "Privacy Options", "Content filters" et al. It's place for any kind of filter, be it that it works on any envelope data, any header or body or any other filter.

2.3.1 Sender

The former "Sender Filters".

2.3.2 Recipient

The former "Recipient Filters".

2.3.3 Spam

The former "Spam Filters".

2.3.4 Message

The former "Content Filters".

2.3.5 Topics

The former "Topics".

2.4 Bounces

The former "Bounce Processing".

2.5 Archive

The former "Archiving Options"

2.6 Gateways

A place for Gateways in General. Currently this is Mail<->News Gateway settings only. If we add more Gateways, this should be the place to configure them.

2.7 Auto-Responder

The former "Auto-Responder".

2.8 Plugins

Any Plugin that configures a list behaviour (as opposed to subscriber plugins or system plugins) registers and offers its configuration options below into this section.

3. subscriptions

Shows a searchable list of all list subscribers.

Usability consideration

If, but only if (!), we don't overload this interface then we should add a dialogue to add one (!) subscriber. Then we could add an option to remove a single subscriber along with each subscriber list item.

3.1 subscribe

Dialogue to add a subscriber (mass subscription).

3.2 remove

Dialogue to remove a subscriber (mass unsubscription).

4. statistics

Place for any kind of statistic module.

4.1 System

TODO: Specify new feature

Visualize system performance in tables and graphs.

4.2 List

TODO: Specify new feature

Visualize list performance in tables and graphs.

4.3 User

TODO: Specify new feature

Visualize user performance in tables and graphs e.g. ten most active users or ten users whose reply ends a thread.

5 plugins

This is the place where Mailman lists installed plugins - whether they work or not, whether they have been enabled or not.
If there's a plugin the admin should see it here.


This could also be the place to list contributed plugins and install them over the web interface.

5.1 plugin 1

This lists the plugin name, a description, it's version number, author, contact info and it's current status (works/doesn't work incl. debug message, enabled/disabled)

5.2 plugin x

Another plugin ...

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