REST Client

Mailman 3 REST Clients will provide an user interface to interact with the Mailman 3 RESTserver. Their frontend may use any technology as long as they are able to transform user interaction into RESTful communication.

All clients should conform to global requirements to provide a consistent user interface so users can focus on their task without having to learn the interface before they can start.

User Interfaces

RESTful capable user interface technologies that come to mind are:

Proposed Changes

Changes from MM 2 to MM3 in the client should be:

  • Simplify interface
  • Focus on Tasks
  • Order and sort by Task recurrance
  • Reduce information overflow e.g. by hiding help messages
  • Show help messages as bubbles when selected by user
  • Remove Instructions on using a web from
  • Use default button texts e.g. "Save" instead of "Submit your changes"

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