Mailman sprint at Pycon 2010

The 2010 Python conference in Atlanta will be making space available once again for sprints, on February 22 through 25. I propose that we sprint on the new web user interface for Mailman 3.

We'll be doing things like reviewing and choosing technologies, doing the information layout, building the framework, and fleshing out the REST API. Whether we conduct the sprint or not depends on whether we have a critical mass of participants, though I don't have a hard number on that.

If you're attending Pycon and are interested in participating in this sprint, please add your name below.  Pycon sprints run from 22-Feb to 25-Feb.

name email address role dates
Barry Warsaw barry at list dot org Sprint leader 22-Feb - 25-Feb
Florian Fuchs f at state-of-mind dot de 22-Feb - 25-Feb

If you can't attend Pycon but would like to participate remotely, please sign up here and we'll try to work something out.

name email address virtual presence (irc, skype, jabber, etc.)
Patrick Ben Koetter
p AT state-of-mind DOT de
Andreas Schosser
a AT state-of-mind DOT de

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