Here's where we capture all the interesting projects we want to work on at the 2014 Python Conference.

  • Mailman Suite installer (something that makes it easier to install Mailman core, Postorius, and Hyperkitty together)
  • Finishing out the last few bugs in Postorius
  • Doing cool things with Hyperkitty
  • Arguing more about DMARC support for Mailman
  • User testing
  • Creating a new website for Mailman Suite
  • Making it easier to set up new devs (checking the current 5 minute setup guide docs, streamlining issues)
  • Finishing merge of the new login/persona code for Postorius
  • Bug triage to figure out what's still blocking for the Mailman 3.0 suite release
  • Eating leftover bagels

People planning to sprint on Mailman:

  • Mark Sapiro - through Thursday until I have to leave to get my 5:35 p.m flight home.
  • Florian Fuchs - Monday-Thursday
  • Terri Oda - the whole time, minus some GSoC de-duplication wrangling time
  • Barry Warsaw - Monday - Thursday all day, Friday morning

3.0 Release Todo:

  • Core

    • subscription moderation
  • Postorius

    • subscription moderation [waiting for core]
    • user settings page

      • remove create user?
      • Need interface for changing user settings [We've removed user settings for the moment; they'll be managed elsewhere.]
      • Terri has made it possible for list admins to change user settings for list members.  Code is in a branch for now. [merged!]

    • removing moderators / owners [maxking is working on it] Maxking's code merged!
    • associate multiple addresses to user [Florian has this in progress]
    • non-member disposition (Put list of non-members in list settings with allow/deny, etc) [Terri in progress, stalled due to test failures in mailman/mailman.client]
    • final persona integration [Florian in progress]
    • Remove "duplicate" moderator/owner/member settings [Done]
  • Hyperkitty
  • Other

    • non-homicidal install docs [Aurélian in progress]

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