This list contains the original use cases for the user <-> REST client interaction. Use cases that have been merged to the upper section have been marked strikethrough:

  • Getting Mailman version.
  • Idea: Getting version of REST interface.
  • Creating a list
  • Deleting a list
  • Changing list settings (e.g. setting/clearing the moderation flag)
  • Retrieving list statistics (# of posts, bounces, etc.)
  • Adding a user to a list (using default options)
  • Checking if password provided matches that of user(Authentication)
  • Change/Reset passwords for lists and for users
  • Checking if a user is subscribed to a particular list
  • Setting user options (digest, topics, etc.), both for a single list and across all subscribed-to lists.
  • Unsubscribing a user.
  • Mass operations on users (subscribing/unsubscribing a list of e-mails)
  • Retrieving user statistics (# of posts, bounce status, etc.)
  • Triggering a mass-catchup on the NNTP gateway.

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