OK - I don't know how much of this has already been requested, just having signed up, but here's a couple of things I'd like to see:

A "Yahoo" (sorry for swearing) type admin page for approving messages and members. By that I mean columns that show if you wish to Approve/Discard/Reject/Defer all messages and members in one fell swoop instead of having to individually click each entry. Also the ability to ban the address from subscribing and to always carry out the same action for mails from that address.

Message numbering facility in an archive search.

Date & Time on messages in archive search.

A stats facility to show how many messages have been posted by subscribed members since joining.

A variable to be added that would allow me to see who the mail was actually sent to. Useful in times of spam being reported. To be only added as an option though, as I understand that this *can* be done via a configuration amendment, but I don't have command line access.

Hope that's not too much to be asking for.



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