/ ???
/list/ returns list of (mailing list name, URL, public/private flag) tuples.
POST is used to create a new list and redirect
/list/<list-id>/ XXX what's useful to return here?
links to settings and subscriptions, maybe?
/list/<list-id>/subscriptions list of (e-mail address, subscription URL) tuples.
POST adds one or more subscriptions, providing a mass-subscribe feature.
/list/<list-id>/settings dictionary of list settings. PUT updates the settings.
/list/<list-id>/statistics retrieves statistical info.
/user/ POST creates a new user account and redirects to the new user's URL.
/user/?email=bob@example.com redirects to the user's URL, or returns a 404.
/user/<user-id>/subscriptions list of (mailing-list URL, subscription URL) tuples.
dictionary of site-wide user settings (e.g. password)
/user/<user-id>/statistics retrieves statistical info.
/subscription/<sub-id>/settings dictionary of settings for this list/user. PUT updates the settings.

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