Almost always, when I'm trying to fingure out probelms, I'm trying to do it by viewing the transactions for a particular user/email address.

It would be super, super helpful.  to be able to click on the user in the web interface and have:

1) Complete subscription history

2) complete bounce history (including bounce messages)

Various verified sender  programs (like require us to know exactly when and how somebody was added to the list. The existing subscribe log doesn't do this as well as we'd like.

People forget they signed up for a list and scream "GET ME OFF THIS SPAM", it is nice to show them the record of their sign up.

The log format might be:

timestamp: : event: Name: email: comment

The comment field would either be populated from the web invite/subscribe form or with useful info from the headers of a message automatically processed.

2007-06-01 21:00:01 :subscribed web interface :  John Miller : : paper sign-up sheet open house 07/05/29

2007-06-01 21:00:01 : invited web interface :  Bob Smith : :    swapped business cards 07/05/28

2007-06-01 21:00:01 :received confirmation email from  Bob Smith : :  invite ID = 383847575 , IP =, x-mailer = MS Outlook 2010

2007-06-01 21:00:11 : received subscribe email : Jane Doe : :  IP =10.0.0..2,x-mailer=elm

2007-06-01 21:00:01 : sent automatic confirmation request email : Jane Doe : : CONFIRMATION ID = 3838383875 logged so we know it was sent

2007-06-01 21:00:01 : received confirmation email: :  IP =10.0.0..2,x-mailer=elm,COMFIRMATION ID = 3838383875

Usually we we want to know why a message has bounced. This is especially true if somebody has been unsuscribed due to excessive bounces.

It would help a lot to have, the text of the bounce message.  "no such account" is different than "We think you are spam, you message is rejected, click here if you are a human"

Right now, I edit /etc/aliases to send the bounce messages also to me, which is a pain.

Disc space is so cheap these days even with web hotels...

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