Google Summer of Code 2012

Mailman is hoping to be participating in the Google Summer of Code for the year 2012, probably under the banner of the Python Software Foundation, who were a wonderful umbrella organization to work with last year. This page is intended to group together all efforts related to the 2012 projects.

List of Projects

More ideas welcome – feel free to add ideas, or students can get in touch with us via to refine ideas and get help with their proposals.

Specific projects:

  • Scripts for migrating lists from Mailman 2.1 to Mailman 3 (including archives?)
  • Integration of (existing) search code into Mailman archives (existing search code)

  • Investigate Grackle as a new framework for the archiver.

  • NNTP access to the archives (a la Gmane)
  • Metrics
    • Collecting list metrics (when was the last thing posted, how many messages per month, how busy the list is, etc.)
    • Reporting via a pluggable dashboard
  • Mailman widgets (e.g. display of recent posts, embeddable list subscribe widget)
  • List styles (e.g. announcement list, anonymous list) plumbed through the ui and REST API.
  • Make it easier to report bugs – make a system that detects posts that are likely about bugs and searches, makes an easy link for reporting a bug using the text of the message, etc.
  • Build something to attach anti-spam stuff into the filter chains
  • Examine the interfaces (web interface, archives) and organize and build consistent CSS styles for the web UI

More nebulous project areas of interest:

List of Mentors

Please contact us on the Mailman-developers list if you're interested in becoming a mentor!

  • Terri Oda
  • Florian Fuchs
  • Barry Warsaw

List of Potential Students

Please contact us on the Mailman-developers list if you're interested in becoming a student! Getting in touch early lets us help you with your application and increases your likelihood of being accepted.

Getting started

The fastest way to get set up is to follow A 5 minute guide to get the Mailman web UI running. Please let us know if you have any trouble with it!

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