Google Summer of Code 2008

This page is dedicated to capturing work on the Geeklog plugin for the GSoC2008 work. This fits into the REST Interface.

Project Idea

Project aims at development of a plugin to incorporate the functionality of Mailman with the existing architecture of
Geeklog. It emphasizes at providing the much needed mailing list-(un)subscription, moderation, administration along with a
site controlled user interface. In order to customize REST Interface (developed by Mailman Project) for Geeklog(GL)
some Mailman wrappers will also be needed.

Following list admin features are needed to manage lists:
    * Add/Delete List (support for multiple lists)
    * List Types: Public, private (GL Groups) and moderated
    * Add/Remove Subscribers
    * Import in subscribers
    * Subscribers can be GL members and non-site members
    * Moderate Lists
    * Use list to send out newsetters, notifications (mailings)
    * Support for HTML and text mailings

Optionally, support for site controlled interface for list (un)subscriptions can be developed. Also, support for both automatic registration/un-registration based on email address and authenticated mode that requires an email confirmation is cherished.

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