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GNU copyright assignment request form


Mailman is a GNU project with the majority of the copyrights being held by the Free Software Foundation. We therefore request that developers who contribute code assign their copyrights in their Mailman contribution to the FSF. To do this, you first need to submit (by email) a request form (see below) containing some basic information, and then fill out the form that the FSF sends you. Please let us know after you've sent the second form so that we can track your contribution. The FSF often doesn't tell us in a timely manner when such forms have been received.

Request form

Please email the following information to and CC us, and we will send you the assignment form for your past and future changes. Please use your full name as the subject line of the message.

[What is the name of the program or package you're contributing to?]

[Did you copy any files or text written by someone else in these changes?
Even if that material is free software, we need to know about it.]

[Do you have an employer who might have a basis to claim to own
your changes?  Do you attend a school which might make such a claim?]

[For the copyright registration, what country are you a citizen of?]

[What year were you born?]

[Please write your email address here.]

[Please write your snail address here.]

[Which files have you changed so far, and which new files have you written
so far?]

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