You can build a mailman3 development virtual machine with Vagrant and Chef-solo. The instructions, vagrantfiles, and mailman3 cookbooks are given at:

Build Mailman3 development virtual machines with Vagrant and Chef on Github

Following mailman3 components will be installed on the virtual machine:

  • Mailman3 Core
  • init.d mailman service
  • Postfix hookup
  • Mailman3 test list
  • Mailman3 client
  • Mailman3 Postorius web interface
  • Apache2 mailman virtual host

You need Vagrant and VirtualBox (not needed if for AWS EC2) to be installed on your working machine. To build a local VM: $ git clone $ cd mailman3-vbox/vagrant $ vagrant init $ cp ./Vagrantfile.vbox Vagrantfile $ vagrant up
That's it. You can open postorius at http://localhost:8080,

  • and you can login to postorius with admin/not-a-secret (you should change the default password in Vagrantfile)

Or login in to the vm:  $ vagrant ssh To build a mailman3 box on AWS EC2, go to vagrant-aws and follow the instructions in

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