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 * [[http://www.example.com|Your name here]]

Mailman hosting services

If you are a commercial entity providing Mailman hosting services, please add your name and contact information here. Please add your name to the bottom of the list, and please be respectful - obnoxious commercial advertising is not allowed, and the wiki admins reserve the right to modify or remove any listing.

If you also provide general Python hosting services, you might also want to add your name to the Python hosting wiki page.

  • Thielpark Systeme GmbH Berlin, Germany. Personal contact Hubertus Groepper, hgroepper@thielpark.de. Reliable Mailman hosting on Linux with per list templates/language files, MHonArc integration for archiving and searching, customization of templates to match look of your website. Address import from various data sources.

  • *trc.NET* - Miami, New York (212-202-0262) and London (0870 432 7855) with 6 data centers world-wide offers Mailman hosting services and personal support. Please call!

  • minuskel screen partner GmbH Berlin, Germany. Webhosting and consulting for Zope, Plone and Typo3 CMS with Mailman interface. Mailman customization, flexible message archiving, groupware solutions. Contact: Gunter Mintzel

  • *POWER-NETZ.de* (Symgenius GmbH & Co. KG) Germany High Quality WebHosting - supporting latest MailMan releases, Python-Hosting, easy 1-klick-installmanager for Typo3, Joomla!, WordPress, osCommerce, SimpleMachines etc. Test-Hosts available for free!

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