You probably do not want to do remove all moderation from your lists, as it will make your list very vulnerable to spam.

However, sometimes your users want an unmoderated list, and sometimes a few messages are getting caught and you don't know why, so here's a list of things you'd want to do to remove moderation:

  1. The "administrivia filter" will catch a few messages based on keywords like "subscribe" in the title.  Unfortunately, one of the default words is "help" so depending on the types of messages your members post, that might be a trigger.  (you can disable it under "general options")
  2. Under Privacy Options->Sender filters there's an option called "default_member_moderation" that you want to set to "no" (so future members will not be moderated).

  3. Below that on the same page, there's an option called "generic_nonmember_action" that you'll want to set to "Accept"
  4. Under Privacy Options->Recipient filters you'll want to set "require_explicit_destination" to no.

  5. You may also want to change "max_num_recipients" (on the same page) to "0" which will remove any limits.
  6. If you have any members who are currently moderated (that is, they have their moderation bit set), you can reset them all from the Membership Management page, at the bottom under "additional member tasks"

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