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4.18. How do I backup my lists and their configurations/membership rosters?

See also FAQ 4.6 at 4.06 How can I backup my Mailman lists-membership-etc on a regular basis?

You can use the following scripts in a cronjob:

  #set -x
  # Sends a file to an email address as a MIME attachment.
  # Syntax: mimemail <subject> <file> <address>
  # Note: Requires MH or nmh to be installed (uses MHN)


  echo "To: ${addr}
  From: nobody
  Subject: ${subject}

  #application/octet-stream [${subject}] ${file}

  " | /usr/bin/mh/mhbuild - > /tmp/mimemail.tmp.${$}
  /usr/lib/mh/post -verbose -watch /tmp/mimemail.tmp.${$}
  rm /tmp/mimemail.tmp.${$}
  • #!/bin/bash #Put in a cronjob to archive your lists and email them to you #set -x

    datestr=date +%Y%m%d host=hostname -f file=mailman.lists.$.tar.gz filepath=~/backups/$ sendto="root" cd /var/lib/mailman tar zcf $ lists cd ~/backups ~/bin/mimemail $ $ $

The result is a tarball emailed to you by the cronjob which contains the entire lists directory hierarchy of your Mailman installation.

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