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Hi - I'm one of the students who got accepted in Gsoc 2011 All my Blogposts about GSOC 2011 can be found here: http://benste.blogspot.com/search/label/gsoc2011

'''Start of Program (May 24)'''

  • get my A-Levels                                                                                       (up to May 10)

  • Running the existing branches of all three apps within my test environment

  • Understanding the existing modules/templates

  • learn how the old mailman(2.x) was working

'''Midterm Evaluation (July 12)'''

* Analyzing the existing menu items - e.g. list preferences         * Propose a new structure including ACL !                              ** discuss with community                   * suggesting and implementing necessary components of the client library     ** (e.g. Authentication) (mid June)\* e.g. asking Users as well (OSM.org, list.ubuntu.com ... ) (before July 1)\* creating mock-ups of the GUI * (deadline July 12) \* during community waiting time

'''Final Evaluation (Aug 16)'''

  • implementing the new Menu structures / hierarchy            (up to August 2)

  • test with different ACL (admin, manager, user ...)             (up to August 9)

  • hopefully merging the branch


Interesting WIKI Pages for the UI Project:

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